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Paramotors and Ultralight Powertrains

Taking paramotoring a step closer to paragliding, Longer electric flights, A quieter experience, Quick swap batteries, 82 kg of thrust, Suitable for Backpack and Trike

Making of the Skywalker Marathon ePPG

I was always drawn to the calm and serene aerial adventure of paragliding, but couldn’t enjoy it much because I wasn’t close to suitable terrain. That’s what got me interested in the fly-it-anywhere convenience of paramotors. I knew that only a well-designed electric paramotor could give me that calm and serene flying experience I was looking for. And so, after three years of research and development, I’m thrilled to present the Skywalker Electric Paramotors that solves the big drawbacks of gas/petrol paramotors and throws in a host of great new features.

Ryan Pinto

Inventor, Founder

Skywalker Electric

The design and conceptualization of our technology started out in Canada. Further evolution, product design and testing of our patented technology continues today in Goa, India. I have come to enjoy the serene and hassle free experience of electric flight for a few years now, since my first flight in March, 2019. I look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Specifications - Skywalker Marathon M2

  • Battery capacity: 4.7 kWh, 1500 cycles
  • Flight time (max): 70 mins (90 kg pilot)
  • Engine Power: 20kW (27hp)
  • RPM: 2900
  • Propellers: 4 blade E-props 125cm diameter
  • Throttle with cruise control
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Charge Time: 3 Hours
  • Thrust: 82 Kg
  • Suitable for backpack and trike
  • Weight (Propulsion Unit): 30 Kg
  • Quick Swap battery packs with built in Bluetooth BMS for safety
  • One year manufacturing defects warranty for parts excluding propellers

Reviews & Experiences

The trike engine displayed fantastic power during climb up. Infact only about 60% input on the throttle was needed to get airborne, with only 50 feet of runway used. I feel with some tweaking even tandem flights will be possible. This is a great achievement considering that this may be the most efficient combination of engine and batteries developed so far in the world. — 17 · 02 · 2020

Samson D'Silva

Founder & Chief Instructor

Space Apple Aerosports Club

What a fantastic, silent and power packed paramotor. Loved the power, and quick take off, the quiet flight on the trike, and the throttle. Look forward to many more flights on this new and wonderful paramotor. — 20 · 04 · 2020

I flew Ryan's Electric Paramotor a couple of times. It is a nicely crafted and engineered electric paramotor, very compact with great design ergonimics. It is powerfull for both Backpack and Trike flying applications. The best part was the low noise levels and the flexibility of switching off the machine if you choose to do thermalling. Just throttle again and you are back with power. It was fun flying the Skywalker Electric Paramotor. — 18 · 04 · 2020

Nagendra Pratap Singh

World Championship PPG Pilot, India

WPC Ranking 42 in 2018

Flying the Skywalker Electric paramotor in Goa as a test pilot was a very safe and thrilling experience for me. I have been flying for 14+ years and there is no comparison between a Fuel paramotor and the Skywalker Electric Paramotor. Electric is the future and I congratulate Mr Ryan Pinto who has developed/invented the most technically sound Electric Paramotor. It is world class from all technical performance and safety parameters. I enjoyed the powerful thrust and yet silent performance, the throttle and above all a satisfying 70-75 mins flight on a single battery charge. — 17 · 04 · 2020

I was honoured to be a test pilot for the Skywalker Electric Paramotor on a trike. I would say it just doesn't feel it's electric as it delivers similar power to the normal Paramotors I have been flying over the years. Also since its electric the noise levels are drastically lower. The weight is similar to the latest backpack units available in the market. Just go for it. Test fly it in Goa and you will definitely love it. — 17 · 04 · 2020

Siddarth D'Silva


Space Apple Aerosports Club

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